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Hitachi is credited with having established various different certification systems. Each of those certifications is for a specific area of IT expertise. Certifications such as these help establish the knowledge credentials of an IT professionals. Among others, it serves two major functions:
It helps an individual gauge his/her own level of knowledge and expertise
It helps potential employers in finding the right candidates for the various IT positions

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All Hitachi Certification Exams

  • HH0-005 - TagmaStore AMS and WMS-Installation and Configration
  • HH0-015 - TagmaStore NSC-Installation and Configuration
  • HH0-020 - Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 Family Install and Config
  • HH0-050 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Technology
  • HH0-110 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations - Enterprise Exam
  • HH0-120 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations - Modular Exam
  • HH0-130 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Fondations
  • HH0-200 - Certified modular integration specialist exam
  • HH0-210 - HDS Certified Implmenter-Enterprise
  • HH0-220 - HDS Certified Implmenter-Modular
  • HH0-230 - HDS Storage Manager-Business Continuity Enterprise
  • HH0-240 - HDS Storage Manager-Business Continuity Modular
  • HH0-250 - Hitachi Data Systems Implementer File Services-NAS
  • HH0-260 - Hitachi Data Systems Certified Implementer File Services
  • HH0-270 - HDS Implmenetation Specialist-Business Continuity Exam
  • HH0-280 - HDS Implemetation Specialist - Storage Management
  • HH0-290 - Hitachi Data Systems Implementation-Services
  • HH0-330 - HDS Storage Manager-Business Continuity Enterprise
  • HH0-340 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Manager-Storage Management
  • HH0-380 - Hitachi Data Systems Architect - Business Continuity
  • HH0-400 - Hitachi Data Systems Architect-Business Continuity
  • HH0-440 - Storage Architect - Performance and Virtualization
  • HH0-450 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Architect-Hitachi NAS Platform
  • HMJ-100E - JP1 Certified Engineer (V10)
  • HMJ-1011 - JP1 Certified Professional Integration Management (V10)
  • HMJ-1012 - JP1 Certified Professional Availability Management (V10)
  • HMJ-1013 - JP1 Certified Professional Job Management (V10)
  • HMJ-1014 - JP1 Certified Professional Desktop Management (V10)
  • HMJ-1021 - JP1 Certified Consultant Integration Management (V10)
  • HMJ-1022 - JP1 Certified Consultant Availability Management (V10)
  • HMJ-1023 - JP1 Certified Consultant Job Management (V10)

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